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Meet The Maker

Well hello there! My name is Hilary and I am the maker behind Me & You Handmades. I started my business in 2015 when I was asked to be a part of a small market. Never had I thought in a million years I would ever sell my handmade master pieces but it got to the point where my stock pile was overflowing. So I said, why not, lets give it a try and make some room in my closet so I could make more stuff. After my first show I fell in LOVE with peoples reactions to my hard work and that fact that people actually wanted to buy the things I made. From there I decided I wanted to try other markets. I started with small community and church tradeshows and then went onto doing large craft markets around the province. ​The "Me & You" behind my business is actually me and my mom. Yup, this business is ran by a mother daughter duo and her and I make everything by hand right here in Regina. If you've ever seen me at a market you know that I never do one alone. You'll see my best friend and I running the sales and there's a pretty good chance you've seen my dad. I wouldn't be surprised if he's tried to be friends with you. ​This year has definitely made a huge impact on our small business, but we wouldn't be where we are today without you and our community. When we shifted everything to online to cope with COVID-19 changes, we decided we wanted to help the community that has helped us all these years. Since we've moved the majority of our sales online, we decided to donate proceeds from our masks sales to local charities and non-profit organizations. So far we've donated $8,000 to more than 15 organizations but we're not stopping there. We've decided that we would continue to help and donate to local organizations because at the end of the day, we're all in this together and nothing feels better than lending a hand and helping each other out. ​

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